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Updates July update - OPEN BETA info !
Started by Stephen_GFX

Greetings lads,

Hope you are all doing well ! 


To start of with, we are happy to announce you that we have moved to 1.17 for those who weren't aware 😃

We also added a new world generation system, which will allow you to enjoy a whole new survival experience !


Additionally, Lord Gualterius will be honored to help you out before you start your adventure !


Also, the Navigator will be back ! Just like on the previous version of the server, he will guide you and transport you to the demanded location with his fellow parrot !




Now, the news that everybody is the most excited about !

The server will be open to the donators mid-july (between the 15-17) then the players towards the end of the month.

We hope that's great news ! We thank you for being patient ! 

Have a nice day !

- Steph