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Updates 💰 Salvosburg's Bank is now open to the public 💰 !
Started by Stephen_GFX

Greetings lads, hope you are all doing well during these tuff times.

I'dd like to personally thank you for your patience, I apologize for pushing the release date back.

The main reason for that choice, it that I wouldn't want to release the server unfinished, I really want you guys to enjoy each and every bit of this experience !

I promis I'll keep you up to date for a probable release date ! 

The Bank of Salvosburg, is one of the new features we've added to the server, it will allow you to store more private items, deposit xp and ingame currency !

Remember that saving will be important, you might take advantage of it ! Enderchest's can be accessible everywhere, however you will be always limited by it's storage capacity !

Stay safe and healthy ! 😉

- Steph.