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about 1 year ago
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about 1 month ago
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Greetings lads ! We hope you are all doing well, healthy and you enjoying the time with your family ! We've been working hard to release new content, we don't have a big team but hopefully in the future our team will expand ! Today we present you a little sneak peak of the two new dungeons we have been working on, we hope you like it and we can't wait to share it with you ! Stay tuned !
6 months ago
Greetings lads, once again bringing great news ! At launch, four weapons will be available ! - The Fury Handgun - A pistol for quick conflicts with a fast reload ! - The Storm Weaver - A standard rifle equiped with a bayonet for close combat ! - The Vanquisher - A powerful fire rifle that shoots multiple fire bullets at once to create spread damage ! - The Will Breaker - It is said in the name of the weapon, this will break your oppenents will to fight due to a barage of bullets !  Of course, ammunition will be craftable for all these weapons. Remember that more weapons will be released on future updates ! Stay healthy ! - Steph.
7 months ago
Greetings lads, hope you are all doing well during these tuff times. I'dd like to personally thank you for your patience, I apologize for pushing the release date back. The main reason for that choice, it that I wouldn't want to release the server unfinished, I really want you guys to enjoy each and every bit of this experience ! I promis I'll keep you up to date for a probable release date !  The Bank of Salvosburg, is one of the new features we've added to the server, it will allow you to store more private items, deposit xp and ingame currency ! Remember that saving will be important, you might take advantage of it ! Enderchest's can be accessible everywhere, however you will be always limited by it's storage capacity ! Stay safe and healthy ! - Steph.
8 months ago
Greetings lads ! Check out the new Vanquisher Rifle ! Perfect to cook multiple foes at once  !    
10 months ago
Greetings lads ! We hope you are all doing great ! Today, we bring good news ! We decided to implement guns as new weapons to your arsenal on the server ! Here is a little sneak peak of the Storm Weaver and the Fury Handgun, Enjoy ! New updates coming soon, stay tuned !  
10 months ago
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