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Greetings lads !

Check out the new Vanquisher Rifle ! Perfect to cook multiple foes at once  !



Greetings lads !

We hope you are all doing great !

Today, we bring good news !

We decided to implement guns as new weapons to your arsenal on the server !

Here is a little sneak peak of the Storm Weaver and the Fury Handgun, Enjoy !

New updates coming soon, stay tuned !


Greetings lads,

Hope you are all doing well ! 


To start of with, we are happy to announce you that we have moved to 1.17 for those who weren't aware 😃

We also added a new world generation system, which will allow you to enjoy a whole new survival experience !


Additionally, Lord Gualterius will be honored to help you out before you start your adventure !


Greetings lads, 

Hope you are all doing well.

On our side, we've been working a lot on the builds and we are afraid that it may take more time then thought.

We plan to push the release for July, to avoid having a rushed project, we hope you understand ! Stay tuned ! 


Greetings lads ! New update !

We've been working a lot lately, our main focus is to give our players a fresh new home when they arrive !

We invite you to look at some preview pictures of the townhall ! feel free to share your thoughts on discord !


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