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Dungeons !
Stephen_GFXabout 1 year ago

Greetings lads ! We hope you are all doing well, healthy and you enjoying the time with your family !

We've been working hard to release new content, we don't have a big team but hopefully in the future our team will expand !

Today we present you a little sneak peak of the two new dungeons we have been working on, we hope you like it and we can't wait to share it with you !

Stay tuned !


Greetings lads, once again bringing great news ! At launch, four weapons will be available !

- The Fury Handgun - A pistol for quick conflicts with a fast reload !

- The Storm Weaver - A standard rifle equiped with a bayonet for close combat !

- The Vanquisher - A powerful fire rifle that shoots multiple fire bullets at once to create spread damage !

- The Will Breaker - It is said in the name of the weapon, this will break your oppenents will to fight due to a barage of bullets !Β 

Of course, ammunition will be craftable for all these...

Greetings lads, hope you are all doing well during these tuff times.

I'dd like to personally thank you for your patience, I apologize for pushing the release date back.

The main reason for that choice, it that I wouldn't want to release the server unfinished, I really want you guys to enjoy each and every bit of this experience !

I promis I'll keep you up to date for a probable release date !Β 

The Bank of Salvosburg, is one of the new features we've added to the server, it will allow you to store more private items, deposit xp and ingame currency !

Remember that saving will be important, you might take advantage of it ! Enderchest's can be accessible everywhere, however you will be always l...

Greetings lads !

Check out the new Vanquisher Rifle ! Perfect to cook multiple foes at onceΒ  !



Greetings lads !

We hope you are all doing great !

Today, we bring good news !

We decided to implement guns as new weapons to your arsenal on the server !

Here is a little sneak peak of the Storm Weaver and the Fury Handgun, Enjoy !

New updates coming soon, stay tuned !


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