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Welcome to the rules page, please read carefully, thank you for your comprehension

⛔ Theses rules must be respected in order to remain in our community, please read very carefully. 
1.) Avoid spamming in the server's chat, this includes using the same word over and over as well as using to many caps !
2.) Racisim is not tolorated, wherever you are yellow, black, white, red purple, we are all humans, if you can't respect that feel free to go else where, if not this will result in a permanent ban from the community  ! 
3.) No politic debates, about today's world or politicans, system, regime, otherwise you will be temporarily banned from the server after 3 warnings.
4.) Respect the community, its members as well as the staff ! (this rule applies not just on the forum ! discord, server included.)
5.) No pornography allowed ! As we know under aged players play on our server and view the content displayed on the website, we wish to remain responsible for what they can see. If any post on the forum contains images or videos of that sort (this includes ingame offensive builds and player skin). The user itself will be banned from the community for not respecting that rule.
6.) Cheating is prohibited ! If you are caught with any software that allows you to gain any abnormal advantages on other players or on how you perform in survival. You will be temporarily banned for 3 weeks.
7.) Harassement is not allowed here ! If a player reports with proof that you are harassing him or her, you will be permanently banned from our community.
8.) Exploiting is not allowed ! If you find any exploit, feel free to report it to an admin or a moderator to avoid being caught and get punished ingame.
9.) Avoid cursing to much ! Otherwise you will be muted after some attempts.
10.) Speak English, this is an international server, in order for people to communicate without any trouble nore misunderstandings  !
11.) Promoting is not allowed (for example : server ip, website, youtube channel and other commercial contents), this will resume in a permanent ban from the community's server !
12.) Do not share your website and minecraft account informations ! If someone stole your website account, feel free to contact us via support@salvoscraft.net
13.) Do not request for Staff permissions ! If the staff application topic is open on the forums, go follow the format to appy.
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