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Build your Statue EVENT ⚒
Stephen_GFX • Sep 30th, 2023 • 1 minute read

Calling all Minecraft enthusiasts and creative builders! Join us for an epic Minecraft Statue Building Competition, where participants will showcase their skills in constructing medieval-themed statues. 

Competition Guidelines:

1. Participants must be registered to

2. The theme for the competition is "Medieval Marvels." Statues should reflect the essence of medieval architecture, culture, or characters (ex: knight on a horse).

3. For the the structure size make sure it's not to big and that it can fit in a market or main or near important buildings like the Academy, Church, Townhall, e.g.

4. All building materials will be limited to block types like : stonebricks, andesite, deepslate, stone, cobblestone, basalt. (make sure you stay in the gray colors).

5. Participants have untill next Sunday (8th october 2023)

6. Judges will evaluate the statues based on creativity, attention to detail, adherence to the theme, and overall aesthetic appeal.

7. The sculptures of the winners will be displayed in the city (spawn) along with their rightful credits!

Event Schedule:

  • During the Week: Participant submit there stuctures.
  • Saturday: Judging and evaluation by a panel of Minecraft experts.
  • Sunday : Winners announcement.

To participate click the following link below:

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