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This page contains guides and tips to beginners in our server.


  • Gather essential resources like wood, stone, and food to survive.
  • Build a shelter to protect yourself from hostile mobs during the night.
  • Explore the world to find valuable items, ores, and hidden dungeons.
  • Craft tools, weapons, and armor to enhance your survival capabilities.
  • Establish farms for renewable food sources and breed animals for resources.


Dungeons Realms:

  • Search for dungeons scattered throughout the realms.
  • Gather a team of players to tackle challenging dungeons together.
  • Prepare with adequate gear, weapons, and potions before venturing into a dungeon.
  • Coordinate with your team to solve puzzles and defeat boss mobs.
  • Collect valuable loot and rare items from dungeons to improve your gameplay.



  • Engage in the server's economy system to acquire wealth and resources.
  • Trade with other players for items you need or can offer.
  • Set up shops or auction houses to sell your surplus items for profit.
  • Invest in valuable resources or rare items that can appreciate over time.
  • Participate in server events or quests to earn rewards and currency.


Land Wars and Nations:

  • Form or join a nation with other players to establish dominance.
  • Claim land and protect it from other nations or raiders.
  • Strategize with your nation members to plan attacks or defenses.
  • Develop alliances or negotiate treaties with other nations.
  • Engage in epic land wars to conquer territories and expand your influence.


Gunpowder Weapons:

  • You can buy gunpowder-based weapons at the armory.
  • Gather gunpowder from creepers or craft it using various resources.
  • Craft firearms or explosives to gain an advantage in battles.
  • Experiment with different types of gunpowder weapons to find your preferred playstyle.
  • Be cautious with explosives to prevent accidental damage or griefing you don't want you fellow land members to hold a grudge against you.


Tough Enemies (Entities):

  • Prepare yourself before encountering very tough entities like bosses or powerful mobs.
  • Gather the best armor and weapons available to increase your chances of survival.
  • Enchant your gear with powerful enchantments to boost your combat abilities.
  • Coordinate with other players to form a team capable of taking down these entities.
  • Utilize potions, golden apples, or other consumables to enhance your combat effectiveness.


⚠️ Remember, the tips provided above are just guidelines. Feel free to explore, experiment, and adapt your gameplay based on your server's specific rules and features. Enjoy the journey and have fun on Salvoscraft!