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This page contains a pro tips to advenced players and begginers both.

1. Build a secure and fortified base: Since the server has hard-to-kill mobs and land wars, it's crucial to have a strong and well-protected base. Use materials like stone or obsidian to create walls and towers, and consider adding traps or hidden entrances to deter enemy players or mobs.


2. Stock up on resources: Collecting resources is essential for survival. Make sure to gather enough wood, stone, iron, and other materials to craft weapons, armor, and fortifications. Additionally, keep a good supply of food, as it will be necessary for health regeneration.


3. Invest in gunpowder weapons: With the addition of medieval gunpowder weapons, it's important to equip yourself with these powerful tools. Craft and use items like crossbows, muskets, or cannons to gain an advantage in battles. Experiment with different ammunition types to find the most effective against different mobs or players.


4. Form alliances or join factions: In a server with land wars, it's beneficial to team up with other players. Join or create factions to have a united force against enemies. Collaborating with others can provide additional protection, resources, and strategic advantages in battles.


5. Scout and gather intelligence: Before engaging in land wars or exploring dangerous areas, scout the surroundings to gather information. Use binoculars or scoped weapons to observe enemy bases, mob spawns, or potential resources. This knowledge will help you plan your attacks or defenses more effectively.


6. Utilize defensive strategies: When defending your base, consider implementing various defensive strategies. Set up watchtowers, guard posts, or sniper nests to have a clear view of approaching enemies. Dig moats or create traps around your base to slow down or damage enemy players or mobs.


7. Develop a versatile combat style: Adapt your combat style to different situations. Learn to fight both up close and at range, as some mobs may have long-range attacks or be resistant to certain weapons. Practice your melee combat skills for close-quarter battles, and master your aim with ranged weapons for more precise attacks.


8. Explore the world cautiously: While exploring, be cautious of hostile mobs and potential enemy players. Carry a bed with you to set up temporary spawn points, allowing you to respawn closer to the area you're exploring. Always have a backup plan and be prepared to retreat if you encounter overwhelming forces.


9. Secure valuable resources: Identify valuable resources like diamonds, emeralds, or rare materials and take measures to protect them. Consider hiding them in secret rooms or underground vaults, away from prying eyes. This way, even if your base is compromised, you won't lose your most valuable possessions.


10. Constantly improve and adapt: Survival in a challenging server requires constant improvement and adaptation. Continuously upgrade your weapons, armor, and base defenses. Stay updated with server changes or new strategies by interacting with other players or joining community forums. Flexibility and the ability to adapt to new challenges will greatly increase your chances of survival.